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Meu nome e Pablo, Sou Argentino , Portenho de Buenos Aires , amo mia cidade e estou convidando voces a descobrir junto conmigo os segredos de uma das cidades mais bonitas do mundo. Mi nombre es Pablo , soy Argentino , porteño de Buenos Aires , amo mi ciudad e los estoy invitando a descubrir juntos los secretos de una de las ciudades mas lindas y interesantes del mundo. MSN para Contato: Infobuenosairestrip@hotmail.com E-Mail: infobuenosairestrip@gmail.com Sitio Web : www.buenosaires-viajes.com.ar

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Package - Buenos Aires for young people tour

Duration 6 days/5 nights departures: All year long

Program includes
_ 5 lodging nights in hostel
_ Transfer Ezeiza airport-hotel- Ezeiza airport
_City tour
_entrance to Buenos aires Hard Rock Cafe with dinner
_Excurs to thematic park temaiken (full day)
_Excursion full day al parque de la costa (amusement park)
_Excursion to Boca Juniors Stadium
_Ticket to discoteque (drink included)
_Guia permanente

rates :200 us$

Information and reservations info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Buenos Aires New Year's

Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2005 in style !

Dinner-Dance - Show

Restaurant " la parolaccia" (the best italian restaurant) localized in Puerto Madero ,Buenos aires. price 67 us$

Restaurant " la madeleine" price 43 us$

Restaurant "Bice" price 114 us$

Humberto M (Tourist motor-ship ) price 125 us$

More information, menus and reservation info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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Flight on balloon - Hot air balloon - Balloon rides in Buenos Aires

Touch with our own hands the Buenos aires pampas whith a professional pilot.

From the moment that the balloon takes off to the lands, each flight is a unique experience!!! The crossing lasts one hour approximately, depending on the wind. You can see beautiful countrysides and all kind of animals.
We fly at dawn or at sunset, depending on the weather forecast.


· Departure: 7:15 hs.
· Arrival: 11.00 hs.


· Departure: 17:00 hs.
· Arrival: 20.30 hs.

Timetable depends on the weather, you can contact us on the 365 days of the year.
Minimum 2 pax.

A Hot Air Balloon is not direccionable. The course, the distance and the place of landing depend on the wind.

Together we arm(assemble), inflate and raise the giant. The flight lasts aprox. 1 hour and, according to the intensity of the breeze, we fly between(among) 10 and 20 kilometres.

The total time since we depart from the meeting point to the return to the same one is of approximately 3 hours(o'clock).

After we finish the flight, we have a drink, according to the tradition, and return. Usually we take off from the locality of Capilla del Señor, historical people(village) located to approximately 90 km. outside the Capital.

Duration: HALF DAY
Frequency /

Price 80 us$
transfer 10 us$

Information and reservations info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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Humberto M - bouth tour with launch in Buenos Aires

Tourist motor-ship HUMBERTO M is a comfortable ship specially prepared to offer tourist services of navigation lunch and supper respectively or private meetings on board. Our ship has a cosy hall with capacity for 120 people comfortably seated, equipped with air-conditioning, heating, audio equipment and professional sound. Because of its design and type of building does not have columns inside, which gives a wide panoramic view and in addition it can be used according to each event needs.

According to our experience we are convinced that HUMBERTO M is the ideal way for a foreign tourist to appreciate our dear Buenos Aires, as nobody can show it sailing "the widest river in the world".

Two hours of fascinating navigation down the Coastal Channel of the River Plate, until the proximities of the Athletic Club River Plate. In this voyage the interior of the Port of Buenos Aires with all its vast activity will be able to be observed, the Yacht Argentine Club founded in 1883, the antique Hotel of the Immigrants, the riverside silhouette, the classic Fishermen Club with its typical construction, the Airfield for light aircrafts Jorge Newbery, the University City, the different ways to practise of water-sports, boats of different sizes and in the background the wonderful view of Buenos Aires City flirting itself with an imposing sunset.

REGULAR DEPARTURES MONDAY TO SATURDAY: Sailing with or without lunch (*) on board We embark: 13;00 hs. Departure : 13:30 hs. Duration: 2:00 hs. Itinerary: Coastal channel of the River Plate (*) Menú: Starter - Main course - Dessert (Drinks are not included.) (*) Transfers included from hotels in downtown
Duration: 2 HOURS
Frequency / Season : EVERYDAY AT 1:30 PM

Price 40 us$

Information a reservations info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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La esquina de Carlos Gardel - Tango show in Buenos aires


By the end of the XIXth. century, when in Buenos Aires the tango started to spread and melt with the soul of the folk, mixing slowly with the essence of the native and immigrant people, and when the village pretended to transform -disorderly- into a city, one of its most picturesque quarters was "El Abasto", where labor was in the air during the day, and tango pervaded the night. While slowly growing around the supplying market after which the quarter took its name (in Spanish, abastecer means to supply), "El Abasto" neighborhood witnessed the rise of an indisputable popular idol: Carlos Gardel.

The "Morocho del Abasto" (the "Abasto" brown-haired), as he was called, grew and shaped in that unique, and unusual environment. According to the memories, it is said that when "Carlitos" managed to sneak away from his custodians at the (Saint) Pious the Xth School, called by a mysterious "magnet", he used to wander by the narrow and noisy streets of the neighborhood, among workers, rascals and scoundrels that tried to get their daily "opportunities", and among dealers that were piling up poultry cages and vegetables crates.

This special environment nourished Gardel's outstanding personality, the one that rapidly leaded him both to success and to achieve the dimension of an indisputable tango icon.

At a cul-de-sac corner -now renamed "Carlos Gardel" as a way of paying tribute to him-, where today is the statue that immortalize him, there was, by then, a restaurant in which the picturesque people of the market used to gather: the "Chanta Cuatro". That restaurant was the mute witness of a unique story. There, "Carlitos" Gardel used to gather with his friends and mates for dinning, staying up late, singing, or...simply waiting for the following day sunrise. By that time, he started to develop his outstanding profile as a folkish singer, mixing different popular songs of the time (waltzes, popular airs, tunes and melodies).

"Chanta Cuatro" opened its doors in 1893, as a two-floor restaurant and hotel. Among its premises, there was a "bochas" alley, a traditional game at that time, that originated the peculiar name of the place.

Today, more than 100 years later, this same story, magically, comes back. "Esquina Carlos Gardel", located at the very same place where "Chanta Cuatro" once was, joins these two authentic stories and offers an inimitable -and insurmountable- alternative regarding Tango-restaurants.

A superb cuisine, an exquisitely decorated -Art Nouveau style- ambience, that exactly re-creates the sophistication of the most luxurious old-time dining rooms, last-generation technology equipment, top level artistic proposal, and a mystical atmosphere that will lead you to experiment an unforgettable night.

It first opened its doors in 1893, as a restaurant and hotel, and soon became a true Buenos Aires "classic". Today, it reopens its doors, keeping the Art Nouveau style of the most luxurious old-time dining rooms.

The authentic roots and the pure essence of the Argentine tango in a full show of music, singing and dancing of top artistic quality.

Offers a menu with a great variety of international dishes and select wines.


500 persons.

Monday to Sunday - 20.30hs dinner; 22.30hs show


Dinner show platea 250 pesos / 84 us$

Only show platea 170 pesos / 57 us$

Executive 400 pesos / 134 us$

Dinner show vip 500 pesos / 167 us$

Only show vip 340 pesos / 113 us$

Information a reservations info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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Temaiken - Animal thematic park

The Temaikén Park is aimed at surprising the visitor as he/she tours the premises, whilst observing the animals, from different view points, in a natural habitat.
The Interactive Centers at Temaikén Park combine scenography, audio visual effects and information aimed at awakening the visitors’ interest and curiosity. The varied centers offer an integral vision of the ecosystem’s behavior and in particular encourage the importance of nature care awareness.
It extends over 34 hectares, and has more than 1000 trees and bushes between 8 and 20 years old, a ll which were transplanted. The planning, construction and start-up process of the park resulted from a multidisciplinary team of biologists, teachers, veterinaries, construction workers, architects, engineers, artists, specialized consultants: a team of over 300 people and 4 years work.

Duration : Full day

Price 35 us$

Frequency: Wednesday, friday and Saturday at 9 :30 am

Information a reservations info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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A day at the estancia Santa Susana - Gaucho party -Buenos Aires

This lovely full day excursion is a unique opportunity to have a close contact with the Argentine gaucho, its traditional music and dances, enjoing a Gaucho Festival with gaucho skill demonstration. The party is held at a beautiful country residence, on an old ranch in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and it includes a typical "asado criollo" (barbecue) with drinks with folkloric music & dances.

The ranch Santa Susana is located in Los Cardales, a traditional Estancia at the pampas.
The tour includes: Barbecue, free open bar, folklore show, horses rides.
Duration: FULL DAY
Frequency /
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 AM

Prices us$ 54

Information a reservations

Visit our website http://www.buenosaires-trip.com.ar/

"Opera pampa " in Buenos Aires , Argentina

OPERA PAMPA is a dynamic and uninterrupted succession of fascinating scenes portraying different historical times and memorable events in the history of the Americas and mainly in the history of Argentina.

The show integrates different artistic expressions: folklore dances, musicians, singers, equestrian displays, fixed and moving stages, live and pre-recorded music and songs, and light and sound effects, among others.

Options Rates
Show time
Welcome with empanadas and wines + Show $ 140 Up to 3 years old Free 20:00 hs.
From 3 years to 12 years old $ 70
Welcome with empanadas and wines + Show + Dinner $ 220 Up to 3 years old Free 20:00 hs.
From 3 years to 12 years old $ 110
Welcome with empanadas and wines + Show + Dinner VIP $ 340 Up to 3 years old Free 20:00 hs.
From 3 years to 12 years old $ 170

For information and reservation info@buenosaires-trip.com.ar

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